Sawtooth Solstice Showdown TBD

2021 Details:
Join the 3rd Annual Sawtooth Solstice Loop! This year we will revert the direction to clockwise vs anticlockwise.
This is an unorganized event! You are officially on your own. There is no registration fee or official support. You are also in the backcountry with no cell signal or support.
There has been in the past a car at the midpoint with drop bags/water….
Details: 7:30 am JUNE 19th 2021. Park or ride to the white water park in Gunnison. This is just past the turn-off to Hartman Rocks as you head West out of Gunnison. 103mi.
Start: At 7:30 am we will ride over the pedestrian bridge and head south towards Hartman rocks.
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